Who Are We?

In 2019, we decided to start selling coffee. We saw that there was a growing demand in Ireland for higher quality coffee, from. This became obvious with places like BEAR MRKT and 3FE, amongst other places. We also saw that there were a lot of roasters starting up in Ireland, and a lot of people are becoming interested in coffee.

Our Coffee

Farms & Location

All of our coffee is grown in the slopes of Mt. Kenya, where the altitude and soil is optimal for producing great coffee. We work directly with our coffee farmers so we know exactly what's going well and what could be improved. We're always looking for ways to improve our coffee beans so that our customers are consistently satisfied. 


We deal mainly with two coffee varieties - SL28 and SL34. These are well know in the specialty coffee community to be some of the best coffee beans in Africa. 
All Kenyan Coffee beans are graded by their size - the bigger the bean, the better the coffee (generally). AA is generally the best and most sought after coffee in Kenya. AB is a close second, coming in at a slightly smaller size but can produce a great cup of coffee. C grade coffee is the least sought after beans which means they are generally cheaper than their AA and AB counterparts.