Cold Brew Coffee

From our production facility in Co. Monaghan, we specialise in making cold brew coffee. For the uninitiated, cold brew is a relative newcomer to the Irish market, but this is a product which is growing hugely in popularity worldwide. 

Cold brew is not the same as iced coffee – with which many of us will be more familiar from trips to the sun or the occasional burst of decent Irish weather!

Cold brew is different than iced coffee

Iced coffee is basically coffee which has been heated in the traditional way and which has then been chilled in the fridge. Conversely, there’s no heat involved in the cold brew process.

Cold brew is made by immersing coffee grounds in cold water for 16-24 hours; we sieve the liquid and add flavourings to make original cold brew and lemon cold brew – which are both sold in 330ml bottles with an RRP of €2.99.

Maisha Coffee comes in a range of flavours

In common with traditional coffee, our cold brew has a range of health benefits. Studies have shown consuming coffee regularly has the potential to reduce type 2 diabetes, heart disease and neurodegenerative conditions. Regular intakes of coffee may also improve our cognitive functions and allay risks of suffering from depression.

Moreover, cold brew is said to be less harsh on our digestive systems than hot coffee meaning that it may be much easier for people to digest, especially if they suffer from heartburn or sensitive stomachs.

Cold brew is less harsh on the digestive system