My name is Lucy Ewins and I’m the proud owner of Maisha Coffee, based in Co Monaghan. At Maisha, our mission is simple – to bring sensational Kenyan coffee to Ireland!

Lucy Ewins Maisha Coffee

I was born and raised in Kirinyaga, a province in the Central part of the country near the slopes of Mount Kenya. Due to its high quality volcanic soil and favourable weather conditions, Kirinyaga is renowned as one of the six distinct coffee growing regions in the country.

Kirinyaga Coffee, Kenya

I made Ireland my home in 2018 and I immediately saw an affinity between our two countries in terms of our shared community and family values.

We source our coffee direct from our family owned, 500 acre plantation; my brothers manage the growing and processing operation, providing up to 150 people with employment during harvest time, generating direct and sustainable sources of income for many families in the wider area.

AAA Coffee from Kenya

We then import ground coffee to our facility in Ballybay Food Hub in Co. Monaghan and we manufacture a range of great products, including our signature cold brew, which is growing in popularity in the Irish market and internationally.

In Kenya, we have a saying that we are all ‘children of coffee’. If coffee is our parent, we would invite cordially invite you to join our ever expanding family!

Children of Coffee