Ireland's cold brew coffee specialists

From our production facility in Co Monaghan, we specialise in making cold brew coffee.  For the uninitiated, cold brew is a relative newcomer to the Irish market, but this is a product which is growing hugely in popularity around the world.

Grown in Kenya, Manufactured in Ireland

We source our coffee direct from our family owned, 500 acre plantation in the Kirinyaga area of Kenya; my brothers manage the growing and processing operation, providing up to 150 people with employment during harvest time, generating direct and sustainable sources of income for many families in the wider area. 

Featured product

Lemon Cold Brew

Lemon Cold Brew


Our lemon cold brew coffee. We coarse-grind our coffee before leaving the beans to soak in water for up to 20 hours to extract the juicy, fruity coffee flavour. After that we add the lemon juice and cane sugar to sweeten it up. then it’s bottled and sent out. fun stuff, right?